Air Freight

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Air Freight

Egress knows that your freight needs to move  As quickly and reliably as possible, no matter Where it has to go. That is why our company Has created a comprehensive international Airfreight network that covers the whole globe.

Due to years of extensive operations, we are well set to provide special all services related to air transport which is growing quickly year by year.

We are determined to continue operating a firm that shares views of responsibility, ethics, right attitude and passion for the process of air transport.

Service quality attained through:
  • - On site location
  • - Certified and highly experienced work force
  • - Efficient and elaborate packing/Repacking /shrink wrapping
  • - Short-term storage.
  • - Import handling and delivery options including Just-In-Time delivery.
  • - Favorable Insurance Premiums.

For specific order we can offer:
  • -High value /Hazardous /Temperature-controlled cargo transportation
  • -Groupage / Milk-Run traffic .
  • -Charter vessels
  • -Delivery services to departure point and final destination in Egypt and other neighboring countries
  • -labeling/ Palletizing /bar-coding